“Fuori Controllo”: the Festival of Performing Arts in Terracina


The association “I colori della vita” (“The Colors of Life”), had organized on Thursday, August 2, 2018, “Fuori Controllo – Festival of Performing Arts”.

The Festival’s goals are: to transport every genre of art in Terracina Old Town, in order to give visibility and support to artists, filling the people’s mind through their works.

The association “I colori della vita” is located in Corso Anita Garibaldi 79 (just in the middle of Old Town), and aims: to disseminate, promote, encourage cultural projects and initiatives, in the public and in the social sphere, that promote social development and growth, also touching the educational and emotional aspects; to promote youth aggregation; to implement and develop the role and value of technological innovations in the service of culture, to satisfy the need for knowledge of other people and other cultures.

Participation in the event is totally free. The artists, for reasons of assigning places, will be evaluated by a committee of experts. The artistic direction selects the participants on the basis of the material received (info, various forms, photos, videos) and on the application form (available on the website) entirely completed.


  • Scheduled Workstations
    max 120 stations for artists exhibiting painting, comics, photography, jewelery, other productions, etc.
    max 12 positions for musicians
    max 20 max buskers
  • Music
    For musicians, soloists or groups, only unplugged is provided, respecting the environment around us.
  • Buskers
    The performances can be free, itinerant or according to needs, scheduled at the time suggested by the organizers.
  • Earnings
    The performances and the participation of the artists are voluntary and free, no artist / group receives remuneration nor cachet. The artists will be able to sell their works, for the Buskers it is foreseen to use the “a cappello” mode.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: July 24, 2018, 12 p.m.

ORGANIZATION: The artists will provide by themselves to set up their own stands, using materials and means of their property (banquets, tables, seats, spotlights, etc.); the organization reserves the right to find the attacks for electricity. For musicians, will be available small installations (speakers and microphones), no mixers are allowed.

ACTIVITY: All participating artists will have to perform for the entire duration of the event. The event will be absolutely without competition.


August 2, 2018
3 p.m.: opening of works in Piazza Municipio in Terracina, at the info point for the assignment of places and organization
6 p.m.: start of the event
August 3, 2018
1 a.m.: closing of the event and works

The artists, invited or accredited, must respect the times and places indicated by the organization.



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