“Maggio dei Libri”, authors narrate Terracina


Il Maggio dei Libri is a cultural kermesse which has been promoted by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, in collaboration with the Italian Publishers Association, and sponsored by the Municipality of Terracina.

On Thursday, May 10, 2018, 4.30 p.m. at the Public Library “Adriano Olivetti”, located in via Adriano Olivetti 1, Terracina, will take place the presentation of Si scrive Terracina (We narrate Terracina), a stories collection that is related to Terracina Book Festival contest, a literary kermesse that takes place every year in September, organized by local publisher Innuendo Editore. These stories will be presented by their authors.

The goal of this national campaign is to promote books and reading. In order to reach it, it involves organizations, institutions, libraries, cultural associations, publishing houses, strengthening a network of public and private subjects, which promote books and reading as a social cohesion instrument.

The Municipality of Terracina intends to promote and support books and reading with the aim of highlighting their social value as a key element of personal, cultural and civil growth; the Public Library “Adriano Olivetti”, is included in the Lazio Regional Library Organization, joined the SBN – National Library System and Il Maggio dei Libri is an opportunity to make the desire to read bigger and bigger, considering the book as a friend among the people.


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