“Maggio dei Libri”: presenting “In a beating of the wings” by Gianni Milano


On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 11 a.m. at the Town Council Chamber in the Town Hall of Terracina, will take place a meeting with Dr. Gianni Milano, engineer, anchorman and documentarian for RAI (Italian Television), who will present his first novel, “In un battito d’ali” (“In a beating of the wings”). There will be some young students of the primary and junior high schools of Terracina who participated in the reflective / creative reading project “Da lettore…ad attore” (“From reader to become an actor”).

The project, curated by Ms Anna Santomauro, involves the towns of Santi Cosma e Damiano, Fondi and Terracina. This year took place the first phase of the project, the reading one, while in the next school year, will be developed the acting program.

During the meeting, Dr. Milano will interact with students in a reciprocal exchange of impressions and contributions about his novel.

The Terracina Library has joined the initiative within the activities planned by the “Sud Pontino Library System” with the sponsorship of the Lazio Region and the Province of Latina. The event is also included among the initiatives of the national campaign “Il Maggio dei Libri”.

At this event, will be present the Mayor of Terracina, Dr. Nicola Procaccini, the Councilor for Culture Mrs Barbara Cerilli, the representatives of the Municipalities involved in the project, regional and provincial administrators, school principals and teachers.

Engineer, scientific communicator, TV author and presenter, Gianni Milano has worked for RAI – Italian Television since 2004. He has made numerous documentaries about the sea, nature and the territory, as well as about 500 episodes such as columns, services and TV programs. In 2008 he published the guide “Gianni Milano’s discovery of the twenty-six protected marine areas in Italy”, on behalf of the Italian Ministry for the Environment.

“In a beating of the wings” – Milano’s first novel – is a love story, a hymn to life, a journey on the trail of a black hairy caterpillar in search of his great love, who’s a butterfly with a thousand colors. A novel in which the succession of meetings and experiences along a tortuous path urges the reader to reflect on their existential path, on the importance of the choices, sometimes very hard, which must necessarily be made in order to find themselves. The book is also a tool of scientific popularization for newbies, dealing with topics such as friendship and love through the parallel world of animals.


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