“MORO40”: Massimo Lerose reading Aldo Moro


On Thursday, May 31, 2018, do not miss the “MORO40” event. A theatrical production by Tsunami Eventi, that will take place as a preview of the Terracina Book Festival.

The Terracinese artist and writer Massimo Lerose will give a tribute to Italian politician Aldo Moro 40 years after his death (he was killed by the Red Brigades terrorists on May 9, 1978).

Mr Lerose will revive the Professor, who loved Terracina so much to choose it as a quiet refuge for him and his family away from Rome.

There will be the politician, but also the father, the professor and the husband.

Reading the letters that Moro wrote during his 55 days as a prisoner of the Red Brigades: a fundamental key for understanding not only the politics, but also a country that is quite different from what it was like forty years ago… or maybe, it’s just disguised.

WHERE: Acquasanta Hotel, Via Appia Km 104.500, 04019 Terracina (LT)
WHEN: Thursday, May 31, 2018


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