The Class of 1899: a generation who loved Italy


A hundred years after the end of the World War I, the City of Terracina wants to remember a generation formed by very young people who loved Italy in the most intense way.

On Friday, May 25, 2018, at 5 p.m. at Palazzo della Bonificazione Pontina in Piazza Santa Domitilla, Terracina, the “Città di Terracina Foundation”, under the patronage of the Municipality, will present the essay “I ragazzi del ’99 in provincia di Latina” (The ‘Boys from 1899’ in the province of Latina), a volume edited by Marco Nocella (published by Atlantide Editore), that collects the names of those young Italian soldiers belonging to Class of 1899, who came from the current province of Latina, and in early 1917 (most of them were not yet adults) and were sent to the front in the WWI, immediately after the defeat of Caporetto (now Kobarid, Slovenia).

It was thanks to their sacrifice that the Royal Italian Army managed to consolidate the ranks on the Piave River, allowing the reorganization and counter-offensive that led to their victory the following year.

Those young boys fully-fledged belong to the Italian Risorgimento, that completed the process of unification in 1918. The soldiers of our province mentioned by Nocella are 1,408, young people to whom each of us owe immense gratitude and reserve honor to their memory. Authentic Giants of History.

The presentation will let us meet the author, the Mayor of Terracina, Dr. Nicola Procaccini, the Municipal Councilor for Culture, Mrs Barbara Cerilli, the president of the “Città di Terracina Foundation”, Dr. Agostino Attanasio, the local history scholar Giovanni Di Spigno and the member of the Foundation Scientific Branch Giuseppe Musilli.

Marco Nocella is curious about military history: his essay is taken from his Master’s degree dissertation in History.


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