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A page of history: the conquest of Terracina (406 BC)

We haven't yet much information about the early history of Terracina: in fact, this period is well-known only through literary sources. We are not able, for obvious reasons, to...

A page of history: Gaetano Rappini’s Memories

This is a very precious document, currently preserved at Palazzo della Bonificazione Pontina, located in Piazza Santa Domitilla (Terracina Old Town). The detail reproduced in the image above is taken...

A time travel in Terracina

Would you like to visit the historical beauties of Terracina and its cultural heritage by listening to: a Roman Senator, a medieval scribe, a Papal soldier, an eighteenth-century fisherman,...

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Great success with the public for the “Ambientiamoci” 2018 campaign!

Our marvelous beaches, on the other hand, will be the location – during July and August – of the “Ci metto la faccia” (“I stand...

Terracina, Beach Tennis Regional Tournament

From Friday 27 to Sunday, July 29, 2018, at the venue of rDt Summer Village (located in Lungomare Matteotti, Terracina), will take place the...


The most beautiful pictures of the "Madonna del Carmine 2018" - Terracina, Saturday July 21, 2018.