Festival delle Emozioni, events on June 5


From Monday, June 4, to Sunday, June 10, 2018, at the venue of the historic center of Terracina, will take place the Festival of Emotions 2018.

A week full of seminars, workshops, creative workshops, experiences and artistic events to discover and deepen the theme of emotions. They guide our existence and daily action. The Festival of Emotions aims to make them known and to educate them, for greater emotional and physical well-being.

The Festival of Emotions is a cultural initiative for improving our social growth, based on the thought, now widespread in the world scientific community, that emotions are a preponderant part of individual and social personality.

More and more professionals and scholars of psychology and human behavior, have the conviction that it is precisely the emotions that drive and influence every personal, social, political and educational choice of the individual, a role that had previously been attributed to cognition, to reasoning.

A journey through private and professional experiences, to explore different “emotional places”, to learn to know, accept and educate the emotions that guide every daily activity, of today’s and tomorrow’s adults.

The festival offers a series of seminars, workshops and creativeness with scholars, writers, politicians, educators, psychologists, criminologists, sportsmen and actors, in order to explore emotions through many points of view and understand the emotional processes that underlie the choices of each individual.

To present and introduce the major issues that will be dealt with during the festival, meetings and events are scheduled with the title “Waiting for the Festival of Emotions”.

See you in Terracina from 4 to 10 June 2018 to live together the Festival of Emotions 2018!

EVENTS – JUNE 5, 2018

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