“Ambientiamoci”: art, games and entertainment in the service of Environment


Art, games and entertainment in the service of Environment: that’s the quintessence of “Ambientiamoci 2018” a kermesse organized by the Terracina Environmental Department in collaboration with De Vizia Transfer – Urbaser Company, which manages the waste collection in our territory.

A series of events aimed at adults and children, citizens and tourists, who will color squares, boulevards and beach resorts in Terracina through actions aimed at sensitizing consciences on different environmental issues. Recycling, eco-sustainable behavior and sustainable mobility: these are all topics that contribute to forming the civil conscience of everyone for respecting their hometown and for protecting our planet.

The festival has already started a few days ago, with “Tek Ultimo Albero”, a kermesse dedicated to schools: animation meetings and environmental education for the primary schools of Terracina, that will occupy the last part of May 2018.

During the months of July, August and September the “LudoBus” campaign will take place, which will focus on a series of fantastic games, built with poor materials and recovery, which will involve adults and children. The dedicated locations will be Piazza Garibaldi, Piazzale Aldo Moro and Borgo Hermada.

Our marvelous beaches, on the other hand, will be the location – during July and August – of the “Ci metto la faccia” (“I stand up for it”) contest, dedicated to the theme of recycling, where everyone can become testimonial of the environmental sustainability and the correct collection of waste. If you want to participate, you have just to take a selfie by inserting your face in a billboard template dedicated to the contest and share it on the Facebook page “Cimettolafacciaterracina”.

Our beach resorts will host, again in July and August, the “Plasticanestro” project, in which children can try to “dunk” plastic waste by throwing them inside a special container with a basketball hoop on it. A fun game, which at the same time provides our children with useful information on the importance of recycling.


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