Madonna del Carmine: the most important Feast of the year!


On Sunday after July 16, take place the Feast of the Madonna del Carmine, or Festa del Mare, which occupies a special place in the terracinese folklore. The festival essentially identifies with the Marina district and maintains an authentic cultural relationship with the sea, especially since the beginning of the last century, when the Madonna del Carmine (St. Mary of Mount Carmel) became the patron saint of the fishermen’s community. The Holy Mass, which is celebrated in the Church of Holy Saviour, in the Borgo Pio district, and the procession towards the sea (which starts from the church along the streets of the center until reaching the harbor, near the pier) belong to the most deeply rooted historical-religious traditions of our territory.

The city is preparing for what is the culmination of the festival: the Procession down by the sea. This was established in 1938, taking inspiration from a similar procession that took place on the Danube river near Budapest, Hungary. The procession down by the sea is the main event of all the celebrations: the fishing boats of Terracina, decorated for the feast, embark on the statues of the Madonna del Carmine and San Rocco, which are brought from the Church of the Holy Savior, located in Piazza Garibaldi, parading through the main streets of downtown Terracina. Then, the boats leave the city’s port to sail towards the Circeo promontory.

The journey takes about two hours: at the end, the ships return to the port, in a triumph of fireworks and music.

The Procession of Madonna del Carmelo is scheduled for Saturday, July 21, 2018: at 10 am, parade of the band “City of Terracina”; at 6.30 pm, the Holy Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Latina, Mariano Crociata, and to follow the procession of land with the following itinerary: Church of the Holy Savior – via Roma – piazza Gregorio Antonelli – via San Rocco – via Giacomo Leopardi – viale della Vittoria – via Alessandro Manzoni – via del Molo; boarding for the sea procession and return with fireworks and music.

From 10 pm, musical entertainment with Giuliano Gabriele Ensemble.


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