The Feast of San Silviano


Every May 1st, Terracina celebrates San Silviano with a traditional procession in which his statue is moved from the Cathedral of San Cesareo – in the Town Hall Square – to the Church dedicated to him. The Feast is also rich in popular games and shows, as well as tasting typical terracinese dishes.

Silviano reached the coast of Terracina with his family, escaping from the persecutions of the Aryans in Carthage and became famous among the locals for his religiosity and his miracles; in 443 BC he was elected Bishop of Terracina, but he died nine months later. For many years, the towns of Gaeta and Terracina struggled to get his mortal remains.

San Silviano is the patron saint of fields and vineyards, probably due to its assonance with the name and the pagan rural cult of the god Sylvanus.

A Feast that characterize not only the peripheral area of ​​San Silviano, but the whole city of Terracina, that collects itself in the memory of the saint.


TUESDAY, MAY 1st, 2018

6 a.m. – Cathedral of San Cesareo: Holy Mass in honor of San Silviano.
7 a.m. – Departure of Procession, with the statue of the Saint, from the San Cesareo’s Cathedral towards San Silviano’s Church, with the participation of local authorities.
9 a.m. – Church of San Silviano: Reception of the statue by Mariano Crociata, Diocesan Bishop for the province of Latina – Holy Mass
12 p.m. – Holy Mass
3.30 p.m. – Magic Show with Eugenio Dell’Anno
6 p.m. – Holy Mass
8.30 p.m. – Musical show with Federico Riva
11 p.m. – Pyrotechnic show

N.B .: This program may be subject to variations, due to unexpected events.


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