“Open Wineries”: let’s discover the best wines in Terracina!


A weekend for all wine lovers: on Saturday, May 26, and Sunday, May 27, 2018, will take place “Cantine Aperte” (“Open Wineries”), the most popular oenological event organized by the Wine Tourism Movement, all over Italy. From tastings to visits in the vineyard, there will be numerous initiatives in store, from the Alps to Etna.

“Cantine Aperte” is the most important enotourism event in Italy. Since 1993, every last Sunday of May, all the wineries which adhere to Wine Tourism Movement open their doors to the public, encouraging direct contact with wine lovers. “Cantine Aperte” is a philosophy, a way for traveling and discovering the Italian wine territories: more and more tourists, curious and wine lovers visit the cellars, eager to make a different tasting experience. There’s  the possibility of tasting wines and buying them directly from the producers, and visitors can discover the secrets of winemaking and refining. The protagonists of “Cantine Aperte” are young people, groups and couples, which contribute to animate the innumerable initiatives of gastronomic and artistic culture that flourish around the event throughout the country, on the initiative of the winemakers themselves.

“Cantine Aperte” has gained an increasing success over time, also thanks to a greater awareness of the producers, who have seen the development of unexpected reception potentials.

As regards Terracina and its area, the “Cantina Sant’Andrea” , led by Mr Andrea Pandolfo – on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. – is pleased to offer you a visit to the winery, vineyards and many tastings of the finest wines in our land: the Moscato di Terracina A.O.C. and Circeo A.O.C.


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