Terracina, guided tours by night in the Old Town


The Old Town in Terracina preserves its charm perfectly intact. From tonight, residents and tourists who want to enjoy its beauty, can participate to “Terracina by night”, a serie of nightly guided tours organized by Archeoclub Terracina, which is part of the kermesse “Conoscere i Beni Culturali di Terracina” (“Let’s know the Cultural Heritage of Terracina”). A guided tours program organized by the Terracina Archeoclub – under the patronage of the Municipality of Terracina – in order to discover the historical and artistic heritage in our town.

The first guided tour, starting tonight at 10 pm in Town Hall Square, will involve the ancient Wall, the towers and the gates which, once, allowed the access to the Old Town.

The price of the guided tours is € 3.00 per person (free for children up to 10 years old).

The Terracina Archeoclub was founded in 1981 and operates, within the national guidelines, in collaboration with local public and private institutions, in order to protect and share the cultural heritage of the Municipality. The fundamental guidelines of its action are constituted by diversified activities: research, to deepen and improve the knowledge about the history of the city and the territory; teaching, to educate on cultural heritage in schools and universities and to promote a new knowledge of cultural heritage among citizens; enhancing local cultural heritage, to develop a new point of view in management and public use; direct protection, through reporting irregularities to local authority.


Phone number: +39 0773 701 443
E-mail: win1196@libero.it
www.facebook.com/Archeoclub Terracina


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