“Ecosuoni”, 2018 edition starting: Etnosonica Ensemble


We are back again with the “Ecosuoni” kermesse – 2018 edition, in Piazza Santa Domitilla (Terracina Old Town). The Etnosonica Ensemble will inaugurate the festival: a unique opportunity to enjoy an aperitif different from the usual, mixed with rhythm and ethnic sounds.

The Etnosonica ensemble, specialized in the repertoire of ethnic music, proposes a concert dedicated to Women: pieces composed by musicians, or interpreted by famous singers, with texts written by poetesses or dedicated to women who have distinguished themselves for their quality and their activities … all revisited in an “ethnic” way!

7 p.m. – Presentation of the “Ecosuoni 2018” review
8 p.m. – Concert “Pata-Pata”

E. Piaf – La vie en rose
V. Parra – Gracias a la vida
N. Rota – Gelsomina
C. Velazquez – Besame Mucho
Fairuz Sa’altak – Habibi
D. Masuka – Pata-Pata

Etnosonica Ensemble Members – Mia Cassandro: vocals; Lara Ottocento, Giacomo Saralli: flutes; Angela Alla, Gianmaria Del Monte, Giulia Dell’Aquila, Samuele di Lello, Lapo Salvatelli, Lucrezia Ciampricotti, Gianluca Masci, Silvia Del Monte, Marialaura Coratti: violins; Andrea Farano: chromatic harmonica; Simone Cervelloni: guitar; Gabriele Luciani: ukulele, sax; Younes Chatit, Francesco Mucciarelli: drums and percussion; Caterina Bono: violin and direction.


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