“Tracce”: Music, History, Art…and Soul!


Tracce, is back! The roving music festival organized by association Bucolica, under the patronage of the Municipality of Terracina. An urban cultural review, which mixes artistic and sound paths: Italian and foreign artists will perform in selected urban spaces, in which you can find the right mood to enjoy art and music.

Tracce is meaning traces, in English: to leave them is a great ambition, but also a great responsibility. They do not disappear, suggest paths, tell a culture and identify a society. Sound traces, social traces, historical and emotional traces. Collecting them all is the goal of this summer festival across Terracina. Music, history and archaeology are the main ingredients of “Tracce”. A small dimension festival that, however, conceals thousands of secrets. If all of this will be traces it will be only because music is always the best way to trip between time and space. The best way to tell about a city.

The first guest star is one of the most interesting artists on the US scene. Saturday, April 27, 2018, from 9.30 p.m. at the Public Library “A. Olivetti”, you will listen to a powerful voice coming from New York. Amy Leon is a poet, an educator and a singer, who expresses a pop / soul that from time to time is contaminated: it may be a gospel, from which she draws imaginary, or even some hip hop, which offers the themes of protest, describing a part of U.S. that never completely redeems itself.

As usual, for Amy Leon, music remains a great instrument of purification and rebellion. She wrote two collections of poems, and Something Melancholy is her debut album. For all those who listened to it, simply great!


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