Terracina: Food and Wine


An important aspect related to tourism in Terracina is food and wine: a varied amount of flavors, an incomparably mix between the richness of the typical products from the sea and local countryside.

Agriculture and fishery come together in a combination of the highest quality, appreciated in Italy and abroad, for a gastronomic mix that delights the palates of citizens and tourists.

The combination sea – hilly hinterland makes Terracina’s food and wine an outstanding excellence in the panorama of Italian cuisine. The typical local fish catch is bluefish, along with scorpion fish, stalks, clams, squid, sole, tuna, mullet, squid, octopus, crustaceans and seafood of the highest quality: you can find them in most terracinese restaurants and enjoy a truly unique experience of flavors.

The hinterland, for its part, provides a varied production of vegetables, legumes and fruit. Olive trees and grapevines are still nowadays the two most common crops in the hilly areas, as is the widespread breeding of cattle, sheeps and buffalo, which provide excellent meat and tasty dairy products, such as buffalo mozzarella. The presence of fertile valleys, plateaus and the sea offer real excellence such as “Favetta” strawberry and Moscato di Terracina wine (A.O.C. brand). Moscato is the most Mediterranean of the grapevines: thanks to the climatic conditions of our territory, it finds the right place and its maximum election in the various types of wines that are obtained from it. From sparkling wine to dry white, sweet or sweet raisin, which are able to combine nicely in every situation, from aperitif to dessert. A particular mention deserves the Campo Soriano saffron: a plant that grows spontaneously in the locality of the same name and is processed exclusively by a small local company that is enhancing and preserving its organoleptic properties.

The combination of all these products allows a variety and gastronomic quality of the highest order, promoted by the home cooking and a catering of the highest level. Among the seafood dishes, we can not forget the tasty fish soups, spaghetti with clams or sphèges, or even with anchovies or squid ink, risotto with seafood and the delicious paranza mixed fried fish. The peasant tradition loves the soup of herbs and vegetables, the pettola (homemade pasta with water and flour) with beans, ciammaruche (snails), chioppetta and pork sausages.

We conclude with desserts, whose recipes are handed down from generation to generation: starting with Tortolo, a typical dessert of the Easter period, prepared with the growth of bread; donuts with wine or lean; murzitte, traditional sweets for Christmas, made with flour and honey: they are generally round or rhomboidal, cooked in a wood oven and dark golden color.


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