SPORT PARTY, the great eighth symphony


A great sports event has just taken place in Terracina: the 8th edition of Sport Party, organized by ASD Amici dello Sport. An event that brought 400 athletes who competed in the “Giardino di Giove Anxur”.

Big numbers for this eighth edition, which confirm the expectations. The event was created to promote beach tennis and the city of Terracina, its fascinating location, near Mount Sant’Angelo and the Temple of Jupiter Anxur, at the venue of rDt Summer Village.

But Sport Party is also a DJ set, live music and dinner party: a perfect mix for those who seek sports, fun and relaxing.

All these ingredients, managed by the team led by Francesco Cascarini, transform an event, without top players, into something that is far more fascinating. A real gathering of souls united by a single passion.

This was just the proof of a summer that will color Terracina of sport, joy and emotions.


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